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The Caritas Internationalis Global Campaign against Poverty entitled “One Human Family, Food for All” was launched on Tuesday 10 December 2013 and Caritas organisations all around the world participated on that day in a worldwide wave of prayer. Click for more information

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Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium and Caritas

The Church exists to evangelize: that’s its identity and mission. Since his election to the Chair of St Peter, Pope Francis has constantly invited all members of the Church to participate actively and joyfully in this mission.

Cameroun :

l'Eglise est pour les pauvres et ceux qui souffrent

« L’Eglise est pour les pauvres et pour ceux qui souf-frent », déclare Mgr George Nkuo, évêque de Kumbo, au Cameroun, lors d’un séminaire de Caritas. …, 8 janvier 2014

CEAST - Apela continuidade campanha de solidariedade

         South Sudan

        AMECEA Bishops appeal for immediate and unconditional cessation of all hostilities in South Sudan and request that corridors for humanitarian access to the displaced populations are opened and security provided for those offering emergency services.

Niger insécurité alimentaire

Insécurité alimentaire chronique

1,2 million de personnes à risque au Niger

Prayer South Sudan

Growing numbers are fleeing the fighting in South Sudan. The humanitarian situation in many areas is extremely grave. Caritas has been providing aid since the crisis broke out. Church leaders in the country are asking us to fast and pray to Mary, Queen of Peace for an end to the crisis.

Evangelii Gaudium: Quel message pour Caritas ?

L’Eglise existe pour évangéliser : c’est son identité et sa mission. Depuis son élection au siège de Pierre, le Pape François ne cesse d’inviter l’ensemble des membres de l’Eglise à participer activement à cette mission et à le faire dans la joie.